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11 May

Upgrade Your TV Experience With Hopper 3

Dish Network Channels

Dish Network Channels

With Dish, there have been no better times to access and watch TV. The company recently launched the new Hopper 3 at the 2016 CES. Hopper 3 is a satellite receiver, which delivers TV that is both personalized and manageable, and supports 4K technology. Let us have a look at how this new generation technology is enhancing the TV experience.

Whenever And Wherever

Hopper 3 can support up to seven TVs, and lets you record and watch 16 shows at a time. You can record up to 2000 hours of SD programming up to or 500 hours of HD programming with this device. No one will get to miss out on anything.

Dish Network

Dish Network Packages

Likewise, you can watch shows how and when you want. The HopperGo uses Wi-Fi hotspot technology and comes with up to 100 hours of storage space to eliminate the pain when you do not have internet connection or mobile device storage. You can catch up on your TV shows just by plugging it into your mobile device whenever you want.

Users can now also match their TV schedule with Hopper3’s 2 TB of storage space. As long as the show is recorded, even show times can be recorded. Also, the Mosaic feature allows you to watch live sports and games as it happens, by allowing for up to six channels to be viewed simultaneously.

A Brand New Experience

Digital TV meant more reliable and new channels, but it instead created problems like slow loading of channels and confusing program menus and guides. Hopper 3 addresses these concerns with advanced voice control features and search functions.

So whenever you press the # button, the interface offers quick, automatic help. With a predictive component, the search function searches all the content on the On Demand library and the program guide. And with voice commands the Hopper voice remote enables users to change channels, launch apps, or simply play movies.

Apart from that, Dish Network introduced 4K set top box last year, so Hopper features can also be used with 4K TVs.

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