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19 May

What’s New In The Hopper 3 DVR

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Network

From 2012, when the Dish Hopper was introduced, the network has been trying to improve its features. And the newly launched Hopper 3 whole home DVR is so much better, and in many ways. Here are the changes that have been brought to the new Hopper DVR from Dish Network.

So What’s New?

Many changes have been brought to the new DVR. For one, it supports 4K resolution, which would allow customers to experience streaming ultra HD content. It also has an ability to display different programs in 1080p, dividing the screen into 4 quadrants.

Dish Network Channels

Dish Channels

Even for people who do not have 4K enabled TV sets, there many options available. Hopper 3 has a very good remote and interface. The channel surfing is very fast and you have the option to search by title, actor, channel, or team. They have brought about a lot of changes to the interface. The font on the remote looks very beautiful, is easy to read, and looks very modern when compared to the old one.

A lot many changes have been brought to the home screen as well. The home screen is the first button on the remote and it puts everything on the Hopper 3 in one place. It has a little house on the button so it is very easy access. Pressing that will bring very much everything including recordings, menu choices, various channels, and on demand selections. The new DVR also has 16 tuners, which you can use to record and watch as many programs as you want.

They have completely changed the look of the remote. The last two Hopper remotes had too many buttons that were hardly used. With Hopper 3, Dish has streamlined its remote device. With many features combined into what is left, they have decreased the size of the remote and omitted the seldom-used buttons.

Apart from all that, for those inevitable times you lose the controller, the box has a locate remote button as well. There is also an option to start watching a show in one and finish it in a second room.

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