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17 Feb

3 TV Trends You Can Expect This Year

Dish Network

TV Industry

The TV industry is changing in many ways, in what people are calling its golden age. There hasn’t been this kind of content coming out on the media until recently, especially since streaming services are forcing pay-TV providers to up their game. Meanwhile, cable is steadily being upstages by satellite, but continues to fight for what it can retain of its customer base.

Here are three things to watch for this year.

Netflix Will Step Up The Competition

It already has, which is evident from its original shows and how they are drawing viewers. And the service is moving to spend $6 billion on content this year, a lot of that intended to flow into original programming. According to Content Chief, Ted Sarandos, the company will release 31 new seasons of original comedies and dramas in this year, which is twice the number it let out last year. That includes kids programming, comedy specials, and films.

With the rise in original content spending, Netflix is set to serve serious competition to traditional networks that rely mainly on viewership to the turn a profit. Pricing on top TV shows could go up if new bidders entered the market. And with in-house content production, which they are planning, Netflix could change the game significantly.

Customers Get More Over-The-Top Options

Dish Vs DirecTV

TV Services

There have been many over-the-top streaming options, which came up last year, such as when Dish Network brought out Sling TV, with a complement of two dozen live stream networks. Moreover, HBO and Showtime released their own standalone streaming versions of the premium cable networks. Smaller services also hit the TV sphere; Verizon’s Go90, Comcast’s Stream, and Nickelodeon’s Noggin were part of these.

The point is, it is fairly reasonable to expect OTT options from the major networks. NBC brought out its Seeso-aired comedy library in January. Other networks are probably preparing to release their own niche programming.

Lots Of Minimal Bundles To Pick From

This has only recently picked up, although the provision from pay TV operators has been around for a few years. Customers are drawn to skinny bundles, which save them money but still bring live programming. Verizon’s Custom TV plan which came out in April, for instance, has a few base channels and lets viewers add two more at no extra cost. Even though such a tactic brings down average revenue per subscriber, it boosts the lifetime value of the customer.

These are three of the developments to watch in the TV industry this year. The best thing is that the programming keeps getting better.

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