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12 Feb

A Pro/Con Comparison of Free and Paid Internet Security Programs

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You need an internet security software in order to protect your personal information from online threats. If you have been looking for an internet security program, you may have noticed there are plenty of options in the market that are fully free and some that necessitate a subscription. It need not always be an internet subscription, but anything that offers you the free service option.

Subscribing to an internet security product without having to pay for it might seem attractive at first, but the option is not all that it is cracked up to be. The first thing you have to note is that like most ‘free’ online services, free internet security suites are not actually so. They do not cost any money, though you have to ‘pay’ for them or they ‘cost’ you in some or the other way.

For instance, you subscribe to the best internet imaginable and your service provider offers you the so-called ‘free’ internet security suite for the subscription. On the plus side, you may even get it for a few of your devices from any of the internet providers that offer the same. This sort of internet security may not necessarily be bad, unlike the one that you choose to download from the internet and has only the basic security features.

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So be aware when someone tells you that all ‘free’ internet security suites are bad. There are some, which come at the cost of another subscription that actually offers advanced protection against threats such as phishing and so forth. However, a totally free internet suite from a no-name company might not be all that worth it.

Even the one from an internet service provider may mean that you will have to update it or activate a certain feature that consumes your data. However, even worse is that totally free internet suite option – instead of the free offer, you will have to give access to your browser use as well as internet activity. That is the one that costs you, may be not in the form of money but in the form of your privacy or data taken away.

If you already have an internet connection, and are just looking for a security suite, then your best option is to purchase one from a reputed antivirus company. Even the internet service providers are offering ‘free’ security suites of reputed brands. While you might be a touch daunted by the initial configuration options, the best internet suites will actually make configuring your preferred features as seamless as possible.

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