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23 Dec

AirTV Player Set Top Box From Dish Will Combine Netflix, Sling TV, And OTA Live Channels

Dish Network Channels

Sling TV Users

Sling officials recently revealed a new set top box named the AirTV Player on their website. This set top box will allow Sling TV users stream live cable channels on their TV, just as users do with Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming devices.

The AirTV Player makes a difference though, as it also integrates live, over the air network programs into the interface, making use of an antenna that is sold separately. This means that the users will be able to watch CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox channels as long as the antenna can normally pull down the channels wherever the user lives.

In addition to that, AirTV Player also includes support for Netflix, but the user will need to subscribe it separately. All these sources are bundled together in the user interface and guide of Sling TV.

Sling TV also offers live programming from ABC (a $5 add-on to Sling TV Orange subscription) or Fox and NBC (both are available in select markets offered as part of the $25 per month Sling Blue subscription). Currently, Sling does not offer a way to get all these programming all together, and CBS is not offered by Sling TV.

Cable Providers

Dish And Sling

If users go for the Sling Orange package, they will not get the Disney-owned networks like ESPN, but will get channels like NFL and USA Network. With AirTV Player though, Dish and Sling are allowing users to select a package of cable channels that they want and are offering alternative way for the four big networks.

The FAQ page of Sling TV says that AirTV Player needs no monthly charge to use. A subscription for the Sling TV service is also not needed, but the user will not get warranty support for the set top box hardware until the user log-ins with a Sling TV account.

It is rumored that the set top box works on Android too, as there is a Google button provided on the remote controller near to Netflix. The set top box has seen some redesigns, with blue and white colors. It is believed that the AirTV Player will fill a niche for the customers who are not willing to drop the traditional cable networks for the new internet TV services and lose the big four networks.

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