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31 Jan

AT&T Aims To Ease The Roaming Burdens

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Recent insiders reports say that AT&T is all set to ease the roaming burdens for some of their customers. The service provider recently announced an International Day Pass, which is actually a per-day subscription to significantly reduce the cost of overseas calls, texts, and data for AT&T customers.

This latest initiative from the telecom provider will work just like an extension of AT&T customer’s domestic plan. AT&T customers will be able to get 24-hour access to all the AT&T’s affiliate networks across the world for just $10 per day and this includes unlimited calls, data, and texts.

AT&T is planning to offer these benefits to some of their customers when they travel in over hundred countries including Central and South America, the Bahamas, Jamaica, India, China, Italy, France, and the U.K.

David Christoper, AT&T Entertainment Group’s chief marketing officer recently said, “Traveling has its own challenges. It’s great being able to use the domestic plan you’re familiar with while abroad. AT&T International Day Pass simplifies travelers’ lives so they can enjoy more of their favorite mobile apps when on the go overseas. This helps with booking lodging, catching a ride, translating, navigating, video calling, using social media and more.”

Reports indicate that International Data Pass is an effective replacement to long-in-the-tooth Passport service of AT&T. The latter plan offered just 200 MB of data to their customers for an amount of $40 per month. International Data Pass is a better deal to customers in all aspects.


AT&T Roaming Offers

However, the telecom company recently stated that AT&T would revoke the day pass privileges of the customers, who surpass 50 percent of the plan for two consecutive months. AT&T also specified that the plans are actually sold by device. This means that customers, who are under the family plan, will have to buy separate passes and they will also have to keep an eye on collective data consumption.

This latest offering from AT&T will certainly pose a threat to the International offers from other providers such as Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Sprint offers a 100 MB of unrestricted texting, data and 20 cents per minute calling in countries, which are covered by the company’s Global Roaming agreement. On the other hand, T-Mobile offers an incredible high-speed data, unlimited calling, and texting to their customers in over 100 countries, whereas Verizon provides a $10 a day TravelPass, which includes data, text, and calling in over hundred countries.

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