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21 Mar

AT&T And IBM Launches New IoT Analytics Solution

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IoT Analytics Solution

AT&T, along with the multinational technology company IBM, has opened up a new collaboration with their respective technologies, the IoT solutions and IBM Cloud. This will provide a new way for the companies to gather more value from their data in a relatively simple way.

The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in the development of the latest AT&T IoT analytics capability. This will enable AT&T’s Enterprise customers in changing their industrial IoT data into analytic insights, which will prompt them to take quicker action in improving their business operations.

IoT has witnessed tremendous growth due to the increasing demand for real-time operations data. By the introduction of this new service, AT&T and IBM provide the enterprise customers of AT&T with key insights into their industrial IoT data. This is done by using AT&T M2X, Flow Designer, Control Center, and other IoT solutions. IBM Watson IoT, IBM Watson Data Platform, the fastest data ingestion engine, and IBM Machine Learning Service is also available to the Enterprise customers.

This new service will enable companies to use their own IoT generated data to improve the maintenance prediction and optimization of their systems. Chris Penrose, President of IoT Solutions at AT&T said, “Businesses are eager for actionable data insights from their connected devices that help improve their processes and take the guesswork out of decision-making. Integrating the IBM Watson Data Platform into our IoT capabilities will be huge for our enterprise customers.”

Steve Canepa, General Manager of Telecommunications, Media, and Entertainment at IBM stated that, “With the tremendous growth in IoT adoption comes the need for more tools and services that will unlock the value in the IoT data being generated.”

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AT&T IoT Analytics

“As part of our continued collaboration to drive innovation, IBM is working with AT&T to combine our strengths and expertise to combine analytics solutions on the IBM Cloud that will enable AT&T’s enterprise customers to utilize their complex data in a meaningful way and deliver insights that can help accelerate their business transformation,” Canepa added.

This strong collaboration between AT&T, which is one of the best internet providers in  the US, and IBM will bring forward new IoT innovations to the market. The alliance is expected to bring about advancements in wireless connectivity, enhanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities.

Earlier in 2016, AT&T and IBM had proposed plans for integrating many of its IoT and cloud platforms. This is now a reality, as developers have now access to these capabilities, which enables them to build, organize, and scale their IoT applications.

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