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25 Apr

AT&T Launches New Ad Campaign

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AT&T Ad Campaign

One of the leading internet providers in the country, AT&T recently launched a new ad campaign that featured one of the famous faces from Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg. The officials from the telecom company hope that the new ad campaign, which pulls together the various exciting offers of AT&T, will help them win more customers.

In the ad, Mark Wahlberg stated that “the entertainment-loving people of America” must be able to access and watch their favorite TV shows and other programs whenever they want. The new ad campaign is called as “Terms & Conditions,” and it pitches AT&T’s wireless service, internet service, and DirecTV. The ad campaign further describes how subscribers will be able to stream TV shows and watch live TV by subscribing to the best internet service of AT&T.

In an ad, Wahlberg said, “We don’t want just some of our television on [the phone], we want all of it — all our favorite shows and live channels. Even C-SPAN.” He added, “A valuable and underappreciated public service.” The exec VP-marketing at AT&T Entertainment Group, Brad Bentley claimed that this is the first time the telecom company has brought all of their product lines collectively in a single ad campaign with the same message.

An analyst, Walter Piecyk stated that AT&T is currently focusing on an integrated strategy in order to “stem its customer losses.” He also added that the post-paid phone churn rate of the telecom company has seen significant improvement in the last few months while the post-paid phone churn rate of Verizon has worsened. Post-paid phone churn rate actually refers to the rate of subscribers leaving from a telecom company. He added, “Something must be working with bundling.”

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Terms & Conditions

AT&T’s latest ad campaign also features sports broadcaster Jay Glazer, actor James Marsden as his character in the fan favorite sci-fi thriller “Westworld” and actor and comedian Tracy Morgan. Reports indicate that these ads along with a parallel Spanish-language version, which features “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez will be running across print, TV and digital.

An analyst, Brian Wieser said, “I think they are trying to present themselves as friendly/helpful to consumers with their existing business portfolio. I think they may be mindful that this could help make them more appealing or less unappealing to regulators, but I don’t think it’s the only goal.”

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