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01 Jun

AT&T May Soon Be Serving DirecTV In Your Car

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV In Cars

If you knew that AT&T wanted to put an internet connection in your car, that was half the news we wanted to tell you. However, it turns out that is not the only thing the company wants to do. Turns out, they also want people to get to watch the DirecTV television service during commute. If that works out, the telco will someday be piping the pay-TV service to vehicles connected to its cellular network.

According to Chris Penrose, Senior VP of AT&T’s IoT department, the company thinks DirecTV is a great entertainment asset in their portfolio, “and we’re actively working with them to identify ways to bring DTV content into the car.” However, they have not let out a timeline for the actual integration.

Families with kids riding in the backseat can look forward to their first time with access to live television while on the move, and this can prove extremely convenient on long road trips. As far as AT&T is concerned, this is a matter of adding a data-intensive service over their existing wireless network, and of making more money with the pay-TV service.

DirecTV Family Package

Pay-TV In Cars

DirecTV is already available for AT&T customers on their smartphones and tablets, and the company has also moved into him giving unlimited data plans, with the pay-TV subscription being one of the requirements for consumers to be able to get this.

As of past week, consumers can also add their cars to the places where they get video streaming and internet. The options include $40 a month plan, or $10 per GB of data. Penrose says AT&T is hopeful of this becoming a higher-bandwidth solution where people use the connectivity to turn their cars into Wi-Fi hotspots, use internet radio, or capture video. Currently, analysts hold the opinion that giving Internet connectivity inside cars is getting commoditized much the same way it is in homes.

Although the average revenue from users in vehicles reaches only single digits, companies like AT&T are confident that throwing in value-added services is a good way to bring up consumption. There are over 8 million cars on the AT&T network, and over half of the new connected cars these days are getting connected to the network.

What this comes down to this the same logic driving activity in traditional, wired Internet access. Cable companies like Comcast and telephone giants like AT&T are investing heavily in digital media solutions, in order to charge for exclusive content.

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