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25 Aug

AT&T Mobility Secured The Second Spot For The Best Wireless Carrier In The United States

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Best Wireless Carrier In US

A recent study conducted by RootMetrics, a mobile phone network company based on Bellevue, shows AT&T Mobility as the second best wireless carrier in the United States. The study also indicated Verizon communications as the leading wireless carrier in the country.

RootMetrics reported, “AT&T finished second to Verizon in five out of six categories at the national level, including the holistic areas of overall performance, network reliability, network speed, and data performance. The only area in which AT&T didn’t rank second behind Verizon was in the Call RootScore category, Sprint again narrowly edged past AT&T to finish second.”

The reports from the study stated that this is the first time AT&T has failed to share or win the United States Text RootScore Award in five test periods. The report further noted, “In our previous test period, AT&T and Verizon shared top honors in the Text RootScore category. In this round of testing, however, AT&T finished second in the category, while Verizon won the Text RootScore Award outright.”

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AT&T Secured Second Spot

RootMetrics said that AT&T has been a strong competitor for Verizon over the last six test periods and they have done extremely well to secure the second position. AT&T was also able to win 82 State RootScore Awards out of 300 during the test period. “The primary drivers behind AT&T’s decrease in awards were in the Network Reliability, Call, and Text RootScore categories. AT&T’s total of state-level Network Reliability RootScore Awards declined from 20 in second-half 2015 testing to 10 in this test period. Likewise, AT&T’s tally of state-level Text RootScore Awards fell from 37 to 26, while the network’s total of Call RootScore Awards decreased by nine compared to our last test cycle,” RootMetrics said.

RootMetrics noted that AT&T put up a strong competition, even though their number of awards was relatively less when compared to the previous years. “AT&T’s results in the holistic areas of overall performance, network speed, and data performance remained consistent with what we found in second-half 2015 testing and second to only Verizon in terms of awards,” RootMetrics added. “When it came to Network Speed and Data Performance, Verizon took the award from T-Mobile, which held first in these categories after the last round of testing. Verizon also recorded the fastest speeds in all of Atlanta.”

The Vice President of RootMetrics, Julie Dey, mentioned that their company noticed the major shift in mobile ranking in Atlanta region. “Atlanta continues boast some of the best mobile performance in the nation. This is made clear throughout our rankings, where each network earned first-place awards in at least one category, and the rankings were close across the board. This competition is great news for mobile consumers in Atlanta,” Dey said in a press release.

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