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28 Aug

AT&T® Plans To Bring G.Fast To More Markets

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AT&T® To Expand Services

Most of the internet providers in the country prefer not to expand their services into the territory of other providers. However, the telecom giant, AT&T® recently announced that they would be soon launching high-speed internet service in several parts of New York City and other popular metro areas outside of their traditional wireline footprint.

The officials from the telecom company, AT&T® stated that the new service would be available only for apartment and condominium buildings. This implies that customers who are currently living in a single-family house will not be eligible to subscribe to the service.

The latest deployment from AT&T® incorporates the use of, which is a technology that uses fiber network to deliver the internet service to the neighborhoods. However, connections inside each one of the buildings is done with the help of copper wires. AT&T® also confirmed that they are also using coaxial cables for making final connection to subscribers.

In a recent announcement, the executives from AT&T® said, “ provides Internet access to apartment and condo units over existing coaxial cables. This can minimize disruption for current residents because there’s no need to place new wiring in each residence.” However, they refused to share any details on how many customers will be eligible for receiving the latest service.

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AT&T’s is currently live in parts of about eight metro areas in the country such as Tampa, Seattle, Phoenix, Philadelphia, New York City, Minneapolis, Denver, and Boston. Among these states, only Tampa and Florida are the only ones in a state that is already being served by the telecom service provider. AT&T® has also announced their plans to bring into 14 more markets shortly.

As per a recent press release, “AT&T® is moving into the territories of several other major carriers with its launch. n announced northeastern markets such as Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and others, Verizon® is the incumbent. And in midwestern and western markets such as Minneapolis, Colorado Springs and Omaha, AT&T® will be up against CenturyLink®. AT&T® also will be moving into some Frontier® territory. Incumbent cable companies including Comcast®, Charter® and others will soon see new competition from AT&T® in these markets.”

Many experts in the field of telecommunication claim that this latest offering from AT&T® will allow customers to acquire cheap internet deals.

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