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20 Jun

AT&T® Promotes Their Unlimited Plans With Hilarious Ads

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Hilarious Ads From AT&T

You might have noticed that all the internet providers are now telling the similar stories. Previously, the idea of unlimited internet seemed to have limits, but now, the various service providers have realized that subscribers prefer to work on their smartphones and iPads all the time. This has made different internet providers claim that their unlimited offering is better than the plans of other providers.

We have seen that the latest attempt from AT&T® to make this statement has gone to outlandish levels. In one of their ads named “Unlimited Romance” that promotes unlimited plans of AT&T®, we see a couple enjoying a beach romp. In the ad, children watch the couple and wonder what they are doing. As the couple roll on the sand, sand castles are squashed under them and the romp and roll continues to pedestrian crossing, under a plane, into a thick forest, and to the top of a mountain. The couple then plunge into the blue sea and end up on the sandy beach where encounter other romp and roll couples.

The message that AT&T® conveys with the ad is that with the AT&T® Unlimited plans you can have “unlimited everything”. The company has also come up with other scenarios that are imaginative to let the users understand the worth of their unlimited data offerings. There are also ads on unlimited recipes and unlimited hoops. There is also an ad on unlimited reality TV, where AT&T® shows Real Housewives styled women who argue and throw things at each other. One of them is even impaled on the forehead with a high-heeled shoe.

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These ads show that AT&T® is shifting their focus to unlimited plans to attract more and more people to their best internet services. “AT&T is more than a wireless carrier, we are an entertainment company,” an AT&T representative said. “We want to use our digital to reinforce that with our consumers and to present our brand in an entertaining way.”

“With the focus of the campaign being on unlimited entertainment options, like romance and sports, the spots will run on sites whose content matches what we are offering,” the representative said. With the ad, AT&T® plans to say that the users can watch as much as video as they like whether it is about romance, sports, food and recipes, or anything.

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