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10 Nov

AT&T To Offer Free Amazon Fire Sticks And Apple TV Boxes With DirecTV Now

DirecTV Family Package

AT&T Streaming Service

Reports indicate that AT&T is planning to give free Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Apple TVs with their latest streaming service, DirecTV Now. AT&T had earlier announced that DirecTV Now will be available to the subscribers by the end of November and it will offer more than hundred channels at an affordable price of $35 a month.

These amazing offerings from AT&T will certainly put them ahead of their competitors and attract more subscribers to their offerings. The leaked documents from AT&T acquired by Variety indicate that the major telecom company wants to ensure that all their interested subscribers will be able to make the most of their upcoming streaming service.

DirecTV Now will be delivered to the customers over the internet without the need for satellite or cable. However, just like all other streaming service subscribers, DirecTV Now subscribers will also require either a smart TV or a streaming box, if they are using a regular TV.

DirecTV Choice Package

AT&T Amazon-Apple Offer

AT&T realizes that not everyone has a smart TV or a streaming box, and the company is determined to take care of this issue with the offer, and make the service available to everyone in the US. Besides, it will also make their online streaming platform more appealing to customers.

The reports released from Variety indicate that subscribers, who sign up for DirecTV Now for one month, will receive an Amazon Fire TV Stick for free. The cost subscribers have to pay in order to get DirecTV Now for a single month is just $35, whereas the Fire TV Stick normally costs about $40.

The next offer from AT&T is a much better one, where the subscribers who sign up for the DirecTV Now service for 3 months or more, will be eligible to receive an Apple TV that normally costs $150. Interestingly, the price for the streaming service that subscribers would have to pay for 3 months is $105.

It is evident that both the offerings from AT&T are highly attractive, but the second one is more advantageous, if you were willing to pay for three months of DirecTV Now service in advance. Reports from several sources claim that AT&T will be able to pull this off without raising the price, as the provider will eliminate the need for satellite dishes and other costly equipments.

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