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19 Dec

AT&T To Raise U-Verse Prices In January

DirecTV Choice Package

U-Verse Price Hike

AT&T has recently announced an increase for many of their programming packages like U-Verse IPTV, Phone, and DirecTV from January 2017. It is reported that the higher programming costs has compelled AT&T to increase the charges. City officials and users will be notified about the raise in the boiling statements. The additional charge is levied to recover a portion of money that the local broadcasters charge AT&T Inc to carry their programming.

Comcast Corporation has also announced that they will increase monthly subscription charges of their video and internet services by an average of 3.8% across the nation soon. It is reported that the effective date of increase in subscription fees will differ from market to market though, yet the hike is expected to start by Jan 1, 2017.

Increased Pricing Schemes

It is reported that the users of U-Family and U-Family All In packages by AT&T will see an increase of two dollars per month in subscription charges, while U100 users will see an increase of three dollars per month. The U200, U200 All In, U200 Latino, U200 Latino All In, and U300, subscribers will see an increase of five dollars per month in service charges, whereas the charges for U400, U450, and U450 Latino All In packages will go up by eight dollars per month.


AT&T Cable Deals

The U-Verse broadcast TV surcharge will go up by one dollar per month in all AT&T markets excluding Montgomery. In some markets, including Biloxi, MS, Detroit, MI, and Wilmington, NC, the surcharge will increase by 1.15 dollars, whereas in markets like Raleigh-Durham, NC, Los Angeles, CA, and Jackson, MS, the charge will increase by 61 cents.

The Phone Unlimited plan of thirty-five dollars and Phone 200 plan of twenty-five dollars will go up by one dollar. Apart from that, AT&T also announced an increase in price for eight of their nine basic DirecTV packages from 2 dollars to 6 dollars per month.

The strategic collaborations and acquisitions by AT&T have offered much to the growth of the company. If the proposed acquisition of Time Warner Inc by AT&T goes through smoothly, the combined entity will have a major role on the telecom media space.

AT&T’s collaboration with Intel will also help them develop new software centric technologies. They are also aiming to expand their 4G LTE wireless networks, field testing the 5G technology, and increasing their footprint in Internet of Things (IOT) space.

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