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30 Aug

AT&T® To Shutdown Two Of Its Legacy Ethernet Services

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The growth and increased usage of its latest dedicated service lines have promoted AT&T® to consider shutting down three of its legacy Ethernet services. The Telco has already requested for shutting down its Ethernet services citing lack of interest among the subscribers and the prevalence of newer forms of service lines. Like several other internet providers, AT&T® has also made several requests to abandon or shut down many of its other services considered obsolete in the current scenario.

The legacy Ethernet services of AT&T® are now largely abandoned by the customers in favor of the latest AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet (ADE) and the on-demand Ethernet services using Software Defined Networking (SDN) platforms. AT&T® will mainly focus on shutting down two of its major Ethernet services such as the GigaMAN and DecaMAN.

GigaMAN is a point-to-point, Gigabit Ethernet service offered by the Telco that allowed data rates of about 1 Gbps. Through this Ethernet service, customers can transfer data between the local area networks. DecaMAN is fiber based and is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet service that also facilitated the transfer of data signals between local area networks.

AT&T® has decided to terminate the two services across eleven states of the country such as California, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Arkansas. The services will be discontinued from September 30, 2017 onward and customers will no longer be able to access these services again. This is in accordance with the FCC’s decision to authorize the discontinuance request made by AT&T®.

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AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet

Customers can no longer make any orders for additions or changes to the service, renew, and extend the service plans. AT&T® will provide these services only on a month-to-month basis until the services are fully discontinued.

AT&T® has decided to completely shut down these key Ethernet services from September 30, 2022 onwards. According to AT&T® officials, “The public convenience and necessity will not be impaired by the discontinuance of these services because there is low demand for these services as there are alternative high-speed transport services available in the market, such as AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet services.”

AT&T® has made several improvements such as replacing the existing GigaMAN and DecaMAN Ethernet services with ADE service. It uses a new set of protocols in the network that are ready to be used across any of the fiber network infrastructures. ADE also provides data speeds between 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps to the customers and offers the best internet experience in many parts of the United States.

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