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04 Oct

AT&T® Unveils Fixed Wireless Internet In 9 New US States

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One of the best internet providers in America, AT&T® has recently unveiled their Fixed Wireless Internet service in 9 new states. Reports say that the best internet provider has now rolled out Fixed Wireless Internet in over 16000 un-served homes in the US.

If you look at the rollout state-wise, the Telco has unveiled the Fixed Wireless Internet service in 18 states. The states including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana Mississippi, got the service earlier this year, whereas the recent ones to be added in the list include Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, and Texas.

The AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet service is also accessible to un-served small business as well in the said American states. “The new Fixed Wireless Service from AT&T® is an innovative initiative to reach and connect more businesses and individuals across local rural communities,” said James White the State Representative of Texas. “AT&T’s focus on serving underserved rural communities is great news for businesses, families, and individuals who rely on a strong connection at home, at work and at play.”

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Serving Underserved Rural Communities

“The more than 35000 men and women who work for AT&T® and call Texas home, are proud to work with our local, state and federal leadership to provide the connectivity that Texas’s residents and businesses demand,” said Dave Nichols, who handles “regulatory, legislative, governmental and external affairs activities in Texas” since 2010.

AT&T® has promised to roll out the Fixed Wireless Internet service in 400,000 locations by the year-end, and over 1.1 million locations by the year 2020. The rollout begun earlier this year as part of a commitment from AT&T® made to the FCC’s Connect America Fund. The Telco has promised to deliver the best internet service with download speeds of around 10 Mbps minimum and 1 Mbps upload speeds to un-served homes and business alike.

“Closing the connectivity gap is a top priority for us,” said VP Cheryl Choy wired voice and internet products at AT&T®. “Access to fast and reliable internet is a game changer in today’s world. This service will bring countless opportunities for more customers in underserved rural locations.”

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