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07 Apr

AT&T Will Revamp Its U-Verse Broadband Pricing

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AT&T seems to be set to dominate the satellite television and internet service sector in the US. The company lately said that it would make substantial modifications in its U-verse broadband services. As part of these modifications, the company would offer an unlimited data option. There are also reports that the company would increase the allotments for all existing service tiers.

AT&T said that the revamped plans would be released by May 23. All the customers who are subscribing to single play deals like stand alone U-verse home Internet services will be given out an opportunity to subscribe to an unlimited data option. For them, the services will be offered for a very low price of just $30 per month. Similarly, those customers who are currently subscribing DirecTV services will be given out an opportunity to avail unlimited U-verse data options for free.

DirecTV Choice Package

U-Verse Internet Offers

AT&T’s new announcements have apparently surprised competitors and other satellite and internet subscribers in the country. Earlier, the company rolled out similar services, where it offered an unlimited cellular data option for customers who subscribed to DirecTV services and AT&T Mobility.

Meanwhile, AT&T said that the new deals would not solely benefit customers who are willing to pay additional payments per month. Those who have got no plans to make any extra payment just to better their current service options from May 23 will also see slight changes or improvements in their existing services. For most customers, the data buckets will see a rise of at least 300 gigabytes and 1 terabyte. Nevertheless, the additional benefits you get without any extra payment will depend on the speed of internet you use.

The latest revamp plans were conceived by the AT&T CFO John Stephens. In his recent statement, he revealed that the company managed to get at least 2 million customers using unlimited data packages. Most of those packages were associated with DirecTV deals. Moreover, these packages were announced for customers who had opted in for AT&T Mobility cellular services.

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