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12 Jun

AT&T’s Forced Arbitration Favored By Supreme Court Ruling

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AT&T® Overcharging Customers

AT&T® Internet and DirecTV® has included terms of service that entails customers to “agree to arbitrate all disputes and claims” against the company. In this clause, there are prohibitions on carrying out class actions and jury trials, with an exception for individual cases in smaller courts. AT&T® has also made other clauses that call for multiple customers arbitration claims not to be consolidated into a single case unless the company has put aside the need. In the terms of service of AT&T® Internet, small claims court is described as “the exclusive alternative to arbitration.”

The arbitrator fees will be taken care of by AT&T® in the case when customers bring up claims that involve sums of $25,000 or $75,000 with DirecTV®. Moreover, only a 30-day period is being provided to AT&T® and DirecTV® customers for rejecting any of the potential alterations to the arbitration provision. There is no option for opting out of the arbitration claims. It is reported that a similar method for opting out has been created by Comcast® and numerous other ISP’s.

AT&T® has issued forth a general statement concerning on its usage of arbitration. It states, “We have been widely recognized for having one of the most consumer-friendly arbitration policies in the country—one federal court said our arbitration agreement has ‘perhaps the fairest and consumer-friendly provisions this Court has ever seen. The agreement provides strong incentives for us to resolve disputes prior to arbitration, and we resolve the vast majority before arbitration begins.”

A US District Court ruling, as per a Law360 article, determined that AT&T’s class action ban is unconscionable under the laws of California. It stated, “Despite ruling it unconscionable, Judge Dana M. Sabraw of the US District Court for the Southern of California hailed the contract as having ‘perhaps the fairest and consumer-friendly provisions that court has ever seen.”

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Federal Arbitration Value

However, AT&T® has won the US Supreme Court case ruled in 2011 that the Federal Arbitration Value as “preempts California’s rule classifying most collective-arbitration waivers in consumer contracts as unconscionable.” The telecom company stated that it gives consumers with a premium of $10,000 if the arbitrator presents the consumer with more than what is offered in their final settlement.

AT&T® mostly resolves a large number of claims made by consumers before it is presented for arbitration. It said, “Arbitration is always convenient for the consumer because any hearing takes place in the county where the consumer resides and, for claims under $10,000, the consumer may choose whether the arbitration will be in person, by telephone, or by written submission.”

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