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08 Sep

Cable TV Subscribers Looking For More Alternatives

DirecTV Family Package

Dish Streaming Service  

Many satellite and cable subscribers have been cutting the cord over the last couple of years. Many of them opted for online alternatives, but the major problem with these services is that they do not offer cable like services to the subscribers. However, much improved satellite and cable TV alternatives are available to the subscribers now.

As per recent reports, even a few more streaming services are getting ready for launch now. These services enable customers to access wide variety of channels that offer quality entertaining programs and latest blockbuster movies.

Sling TV

Dish Network is undoubtedly trying to gain more customers with innovative and new ventures. Sling TV, the Dish subsidiary for online TV viewing, is simple, inexpensive, and has a lot of potential to attract more customers. Sling TV is available to subscribers at a comparatively low rate of $20 per month.

Dish Network has also eliminated many unwanted channels and they are offering some of the best and most popular channels on Sling TV. Furthermore, Sling services can be brought for short-term contact and users can easily unsubscribe the service if they disliked it.

Initially, there were a few limitations in Sling TV offerings. The basic package only offered a dozen channels to the subscribers. In addition to this, users could only stream programs on a single device at a time. The members in the same family had to create different accounts with Sling TV, if they wanted to enjoy multiple streaming.

DirecTV Select Package

CableTV Alternatives

However, Dish Network has shown great promise in their Sling services over the last months, and now allows multiple viewing to their subscribers. Also, the basic package, which earlier had 12 channels, is now offering 28 channels at the same price. Moreover, at a price of $44 per month, Sling TV subscribers can now access approximately 44 channels and stream up to 3 devices.

Other Alternatives

Sling TV is not the only cable alternative available to you. There are a lot more services that offer abundant channels at an affordable price. Sony’s PlayStation Vue is one of the popular services that offer NFL Network and many popular channels to the subscribers.

Comcast is offering Stream TV that is mainly focused on their broadband customers. This service enables the subscribers to access on-demand, live and recorded programs on their tablets and smartphones.

AT&T is also launching their own streaming service, named DirecTV Now, which will be available to the subscribers by the end of the year. However, this streaming service will be delivered over the internet rather than via a satellite.

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