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11 Aug

CBS Networks Comes To DirecTV Now®

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CBS Networks Added

DirecTV Now®, the live TV service from one of the leading internet providers, AT&T® has already become one of the most favorite choices of cord cutters in a short span of time. However, it seems that AT&T® is planning to lure in more cord cutters towards the streaming service by adding CBS and its networks to the streaming platform.

In a recent announcement, the officials from AT&T® confirmed that they have signed an agreement with CBS, which will allow them to live stream from the local CBS and The CW stations in approximately 25 markets in the country. The telecom company also indicated that these stations would be available to DirecTV Now® customers in all the packages.

However, other popular networks such as Showtime, CBS Sports Network, and Pop will be available to subscribers on select premium tiers. Additionally, DirecTV Now® customers who wish to access and watch the contents of Showtime would be able to subscribe the channel as an add on to their current DirecTV Now® plan.

The first United States metros to gain access to The CW and CBS in their DirecTV Now® packages include Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Detroit, Boston, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Philadelphia, Chicago, L.A., and New York.

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AT&T® is hopeful that the recent addition of Showtime network to DirecTV Now® will attract more cord cutters to the service. This is because their streaming service offers the network to customers for just $8 a month, which is actually the lowest monthly rate offered by a streaming service provider.

The officials from the telecom company also added that they would be adding the Pop channel in the DirecTV Now® “Just Right” plan, while the CBS Sports Network will be available to DirecTV Now® customers who have subscribed to the “Go Big” plan. The officials refused to share any details on when these channels will be made available to customers but reports indicate that this will happen within a month or two.

The telecom company, AT&T® also added that they are planning to bring at least 30 more NBC, Fox, and ABC affiliates to DirecTV Now® shortly. This means that the streaming service from AT&T® will contain more than 170 live and local channels, which makes it a great alternative to cable TV. So if you have access to the best internet service, you should definitely check out DirecTV Now®.

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