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11 Jul

CenturyLink® Abandons DSL Usage Caps By Ending One-Year Usage Metering Trials

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CenturyLink® Inc. is on course of becoming the fastest internet provider in the country, and in view of that, the Telco has terminated their one-year trial in Washington by getting rid of the usage caps for low-speed DSL users. The provider has stated that the trials of the usage based metering in Washington do not comply with its intention of providing valuable offers, plans, and pricing to its DSL services.

CenturyLink® declared this new move saying, “Because this approach no longer aligns with our goal to simplify offers and pricing for our customers, we have decided to end this program, effective May 3, 2017.”

CenturyLink’s new declaration concerning the data caps and metering will provide bill credits to the customers based in Yakima, Washington who were charged with excessive fees during the trial periods. The company has stated that, “If you incurred overage charges related to this program, those charges will be credited and appear on your June or July monthly billing statement. No action is required on your part, and there are no impacts to your existing CenturyLink® service.”

Reports say that CenturyLink® has commenced the launch of its metered billing in the previous year that focused on select DSL customers based in Yakima, Washington.

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As a part of the trials, the company imposed a 300 gigabyte-per-month cap along with overage fees of $10 for every additional 50 GB of usage. In addition, there were numerous other usage caps put forward by CenturyLink® such as 150 GB to 250 GB according to the speed of the customer’s line. However, there were no additional charges imposed by the company for the user penalties such as exceeding the monthly usage allowance.

With 6 million subscribers, CenturyLink® arguably offers the best internet service in various parts of the country. The rolling back of its usage metering is a sign that the company is not intending to impose the overage fees into other locations under its service footprint. However, customers must still abide strictly with CenturyLink’s “Excessive Use Policy”, which puts up limitations of 150 GB or 250 GB per month to the customers.

The policy also states that it “reserves the right to disconnect your service after the third month of excessive usage in a rolling 12-month period.” CenturyLink® has also announced that automatic disconnection of customers who exceed the limits will not occur again. The provider is taking measures to encourage customers in minimizing their data usage and for upgrading to higher speed data plans.

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