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22 Dec

CenturyLink® Plans to Expand Broadband Service to Rural Missouri

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Expanding Broadband Service

The Federal law necessitates FCC to release an annual report which tells whether broadband “is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion,” as per the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Republican-led FCC lead by Tom Wheeler defined ‘reasonable’ as high-speed broadband in 2015. The stipulated speeds mandated then have been subject to improvements in speed but the basic intention remains to be the same. Many of the internet providers are expanding their network nationwide in order to clear the connectivity gap felt in broadband sector and CenturyLink® is one of them.

CenturyLink® is planning to expand their broadband network to Salem, and select areas of rural Missouri in the near future suggest reports received from their branch in Jefferson City. The expansion from CenturyLink® was announced earlier this year and is part of their commitment to FCC Connect America Fund. Federal Communications Commission recently repurposed ‘universal voice service’ funds to expand broadband service in rural Missouri, which still lack access to high-speed internet. It is an initiative from FCC taken in order to improve broadband service in underserved areas in the United States.

The Telco is also planning to expand their broadband network areas to more than 152,000 in Missouri alone by 2021 indicate reliable sources. The locations would include select areas of Missouri where customers are looking for a best internet service provider as of now.

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CenturyLink® installed fiber optical cable across the communities in the state, which enabled the customers to choose select high-speed broadband plans. Now, the Telco is in the process of upgrading the network to cater more than 1200 residents and businesses residing in Salem, out of which many customers reside outskirts, suggest the reports.

The upgrades are yet to rollout completely, said a representative of CenturyLink® to reliable sources. This is courtesy many of the factors like accessibility for labor, the natives affected by lack of internet access and the guidelines, which should be followed as the rules of Federal Communications Commission.

“Determining the geographical boundaries of the expansion area are dependent on multiple variables,” as per the representative of CenturyLink®. “Engineers are working to develop plans that cover as much area as possible. As locations near completion, customers will receive a letter announcing broadband availability and other pertinent details.”

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