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03 Oct

Chernin And AT&T Double Their Efforts To Attract YouTube Viewers

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YouTube Viewers

A new streaming service VRV is all set for launch, and it will feature videos from popular web channels including Cartoon Hangover, Rooster Teeth, and Crunchyroll. Moreover, VRV has also signed deals to acquire the rights for the web channels Machinima, Funimation, and CollegeHumor. These web channels are rumored to be the final additions of this streaming service before its debut. The streaming service will be available to the customers by the end of this year.

Almost tens of millions of viewers switch into these channels to access the quality entertaining programs they offer. The latest streaming service, VRV, is planning to bring the YouTube viewers and other paying subscribers to a single platform. In view of that, media executive Peter Chernin and AT&T Inc. have doubled their efforts in order to convince YouTube viewers to pay for the videos.

VRV is determined to create a web media brand, which will be able to stand out in crowded marketplaces. However, Otter-backed Ellation, the company that is launching VRV, has not yet set the price that customers will have to pay in order to access this streaming service.

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Chernin And AT&T Efforts

While streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon are offering wide variety of TV shows, fan favorite entertainment programs, blockbuster movies, and a lot more, VRV is trying to focus on the overlapping interests of the fans with caustic horror, video games, and anime offerings. In addition to that, VRV customers will also be able to watch videos free, pay for individual channels, or buy a bundled pack.

AT&T and Chernin had earlier made an unsuccessful attempt to buy Hulu LLC in 2013. However, AT&T and Chernin grew more interested in paid web video services since then. Otter Media is the joint venture cofounded by Chernin and AT&T a few years ago.

Otter Media has actually done well over the years, and they were able to acquire the rights of the web video company Fullscreen Inc. earlier. Mondo Media, an animation company based in San Francisco with large YouTube followers, has also agreed to produce new shows for VRV.

In an interview, Mondo Media’s CEO, John Evershed said, “We still plan to use YouTube to test shows, find an audience at scale and push them towards paying for content.”

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