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30 Nov

Cloud DVR From Sling TV Won’t Record Disney, ABC, Or ESPN Channels

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Dish Network has now announced a network DVR beta testing for the subscribers of Sling TV. As per the reports, the DVR offers up to hundred hours of storage. However, the DVR feature of Sling TV will not be available for ESPN or ABC channels, as the Disney owned networks distribution agreement for Sling TV does not allow recording the programming in the internet television service. The cloud DVR beta program will be available first to subscribers using Roku TVs and Roku streaming players starting from December 2016.

The DVR will be available at no extra charges to users with either the multi-stream Sling Blue package or single-stream Sling Orange package. “Unlike other OTT services, we’re delivering a true cloud DVR with no 28-day restriction on your recordings, marking another win for Sling TV and our customers,” Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch said. “Two years ago we became the first live OTT provider, and we continue to innovate and bring the best experience to our customers.”

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Analysts say that the “28-day restriction on recordings” is a reference to the PlayStation Vue service from Sony, which saves the recorded shows for just 28 days after airing. In addition to the cloud DVR, Sling TV has also launched a new promotion offering the subscribers a free Roku Streaming Stick, when they sign up for a month of service. This move from Dish to make Sling TV subscribers happy, as OTT services will face some new competitors soon.

These include DirecTV Now service that will be released on Nov 30, and the service from Hulu that is to be released early 2017. It is also expected that Google will launch a YouTube-branded “skinny bundle” soon.

The cloud DVR feature on Sling will allow users to record more than one program at the same time without any issues in recording. The DVR will manage the space automatically to make room for the new recordings by removing the oldest recordings when the capacity is full.

The recordings of the DVR will be integrated directly to the “My TV” screen of Sling TV. Dish Network will continue to develop the cloud DVR throughout the test phase. The development of the DVR will be based on the feedback of the customers and usage behavior.

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