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25 Sep

Comcast® Acquires IoT Tech Startup Stringify

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Comcast® Acquires Stringify

Comcast® recently announced that they have acquired the Internet of Things startup Stringify. The Telco intends to leverage the technology developed by this startup firm for using in its Xfinity Home® services and products as well as in its best internet packages. Previously, Stringify aided Comcast® in developing and setting up of its xFi cloud-based home Wi-Fi management platform, which was rolled out earlier this year.

Stringify announced the acquisition on its recent blog post., stating about carrying out numerous update in its service to make it ready for use by Comcast®. “Our team joins the fast-growing engineering group at Comcast® that develops the technologies behind Xfinity Home® and xFi, Comcast’s new and personalized Wi-Fi experience that provides customers unique control of their home networks,” the blog post reads.

Stringify was founded in 2014 and offered cloud-based automation service for the Internet of Things platform. Besides, it has also taken part in the development of apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Stringify has collaborated with about 500 products and services notably Nest, Amazon Alexa, Netgear, etc. Stringify explained in their blog post that, “Comcast® is a perfect fit for Stringify. With xFi and Xfinity Home®, Comcast® is delivering elegant, powerful IoT and automation experiences to millions of customers. The Comcast® team shares our passion for using technology to solve real-world problems, and to connect the world in meaningful ways.”

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Comcast® has not yet released the financial aspects relating to the purchase of Stringify. The Telco has remained secretive in many of its recent acquisitions particularly in the areas of home automation and security. They recently revealed that the five-year-old division now has a customer base of one million. Comcast® even made several investments in many of its major platforms, particularly xFi. It has made a significant investment in Plume recently, which amounts to about $37.5 million.

Plume is a startup assisting Comcast® in developing its xFi network. It has developed an array of Wi-Fi pods that functions together with broadband gateways in order to extend the wireless signal range inside residential spaces. Moreover, Comcast® has also recently acquired iControl Networks. This new deal has provided them the means to license its home automation systems to other internet providers in the country such as Cox Communications®, Rogers Communications, and numerous cable operators.

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