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04 Jul

Comcast® And AMC Begin Ad-Free On-Demand Service On Xfinity® TV

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Comcast®, one of the best internet providers in the country, has teamed up with AMC in bringing up a renewed viewing experience for the Xfinity® TV customers. This new upgrading option known as AMC Premiere is an ad-free on-demand service specially made for the AMC commercials such as “The Walking Dead” and “Better Call Saul.” This new platform will be made available to Xfinity® platforms in the coming weeks and costs about $4.99 per month besides the regular monthly fee. Comcast’s collaboration with AMC will provide the Xfinity® TV viewers with an uninterrupted viewing experience.

According to Lisa Scalzo, spokesperson for Comcast®, AMC is the first cable television network that provides the on-demand services to the customers. Along with AMC, Comcast® is also considering partnering with other cable and internet providers for launching such ad-free viewing experience to its nationwide Xfinity® TV customers. For $4.99 per month, the Xfinity® subscribers are provided access to the original programming and an array of movies and television shows produced by AMC. Besides, it will also make available other content such as first look trailers, interviews as well as uncut bonus scenes.

Charlie Collier, president of AMC, Sundance TV, and AMC Studios, said, “With AMC’s engagement at all-time high, developing more options for viewers to connect with our content is a priority. Tens of millions of existing viewers watch our shows through the cable ecosystem, so partnering with Comcast® gives us a great opportunity to launch this new idea at scale. We’re excited to make AMC Premiere an available option for Xfinity® TV customers, as we continue to build deeper relationships with fan communities across all of our programming and platforms.”

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Xfinity® TV subscribers can access the AMC Premiere facility via Xfinity® set-top boxes, Xfinity® Stream websites and smartphone app. The increasing concern among customers about the rise in advertisements is the main reason why Comcast® decided to implement this new option along with AMC. Charlie Collier has further stated that the AMC Premiere is different from HBO Now as it is not a separate service.

The new service is an upgrade for the existing Xfinity® TV subscribers. By implementing this new option with AMC, Comcast® has initiated a major shift in the cable networks. Soon more and more providers will consider this option of providing ad-free service to the customers for additional charges.

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