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05 Jun

Comcast® Begins Gigabit Internet Service In Houston

Fastest Internet Provider

Gigabit Internet Service

Comcast Corporation®, the fastest internet provider in the US, has recently started offering ultra high-speed gigabit internet service in Houston area and other cities. The move comes amidst of the increasing competition among other major internet providers in offering high-speed internet connectivity to all the regions of the country.

The company is using its latest residential service that provides lightning fast service up to 1 gigabit per second speeds through the DOCSIS 3.1 technology. Moreover, this high-speed internet connectivity is also owed to the already existing networking infrastructure deployed by Comcast® across the whole of the country.

For accessing this service, the residents in Houston and other major cities require the use of the latest cable modem that comes with DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility. This will be levied a fee of $159.99 exclusive of the contract. In addition, Comcast® has proclaimed that the service is made available in other cities that include Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado, Portland, and Kansas City.

In the Houston region, the high-speed internet service is initially made available to the business customers. The company declared that is in the last phases of expanding the service to residential customers.

Comcast® is also testing a promotional pricing of $109.99 per month. For the existing Xfinity® customers, an additional $50 or $70 per month must be paid for adding the 1-gigabit service to their current subscription bundle. In a press release, Ralph Martinez, senior vice president of Comcast’s Houston region, said, “We realize technological innovations are occurring rapidly, and our customers need the speed to make the most of them.”

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Existing Networking Infrastructure

The new service utilizes the latest networking technologies unlike the previous internet offering by the company and is transmitted through cables. With this new service, Comcast® has entered into the highly competitive market of internet providers across the country. In 2015, Comcast® launched its fiber connections to residential customers in The Groves, a master-planned community in the area. The company also expects to expand this fiber service into another newly planned community, Balmoral by Land Tejas Cos.

Besides Comcast®, AT&T® is the other major internet provider that is engaged in strict competition for claiming the internet connectivity business in the Houston region. In 2015, AT&T® launched its 1 Gbps internet offering in the area, and gradually expanded the connectivity among major suburbs. With the latest offering by Comcast®, users get to choose who the fastest internet provider in Houston is.

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