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29 Jun

Comcast® Business Concludes Fiber Optic Network Expansion Project In Downtown New Haven

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Fiber Optic Network Expansion Project

Comcast® Business, the subsidiary of Comcast Corporation®, has concluded the expansion project of its fiber optic network in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. Through this $1.7 million expansion project, Comcast®, which is one of the major internet providers in the country, will deliver 10 Gbps Ethernet capacity for several businesses centered between Tower Lane and State Street.

Small, medium companies and big enterprises operating in the region will be offered with Comcast’s high-speed Ethernet, best internet service, voice, WiFi, and TV services. For businesses, this new network offering will enable them to enhance their competitiveness in the industry and in generating employment.

New Haven is home to many small and large-scale businesses and is the second biggest city in the state of Connecticut. Mayor Toni Harp, City of New Haven said, “New Haven is a unique city in Connecticut – located on Long Island Sound, not far from New York and home to one of the oldest, most prestigious schools in the country – making it the ideal location for small and medium-sized organizations to large enterprises to operate. Comcast’s investment strengthens our local economy by offering businesses the technology infrastructure needed to better service customers and the community.”

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Comcast® Business has already deployed many of the critical networking requirements of businesses in several other states in the country. Its assortment of Ethernet, internet, voice, and TV bundles have proven to be beneficial for businesses. By the network expansion project in downtown New Haven, Comcast® intends to cover all the major areas of the region such as Church, Audubon, Orange, Elm, and Temple streets. By implementing these developments in the networking infrastructure, Comcast® will aid in boosting the economic growth and development in the neighborhoods. Moreover, this will be also beneficial to the key institutions located in the regions such as the Yale University.

Paul Savas, vice president of Comcast® Business for the Western New England Region said, “Advanced, high-performance networking is critical to the success of today’s businesses so they can remain competitive with global firms. Comcast® Business’s investment in New Haven not only underscores that commitment to driving business growth in the New Haven area, but it brings the company’s network closer to hundreds of offices and residential buildings in these neighborhoods. This fiber expansion increases capacity and delivers advanced services, allowing us to bring new customers online quickly.”

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