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21 Jul

Comcast® Declares Its Commitment To Core Principles Of Net Neutrality

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Commitment To Net Neutrality

The Day of Action demonstration organized last week witnessed numerous organizations and companies standing up for net neutrality. This comes in the wake of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) plans to override several of the protective regulations that surround the net neutrality concept.

Internet providers like Comcast® adopted a clearer stand on the issue, declaring their support for the proposed deregulation efforts by the FCC such as the Title II classifications. However, Comcast® has also declared that it will still offer support and respect for the very idea of net neutrality and the open internet that it proposes.

The FCC’s proposed rollback of the regulations has support from Comcast®. As per the telecom provider, “Such regulation is entirely unnecessary, outdated, and imposes substantial costs that undermine investment and innovation and undercut efforts to bridge the digital divide and deploy broadband to all Americans. While some seem to want to create hysteria that the Internet as we know it will disappear if their preferred regulatory scheme isn’t in place, that’s just not reality.”

In the arena of innovation, Comcast® has stated that the existence of the Title II classifications has become a hindrance. It claims that its release of Stream TV was held up over the course of an FCC investigation, which affected many of the customers. However, Comcast® has maintained its stance about net neutrality starting that they will always remain to the committed to the central aspects of a free and open internet.

The company stated, “We’ve repeatedly pledged from the highest levels of our company — from Comcast Corporation® Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts, Comcast® Cable President, and CEO David Watson, and from me – that we do not and will not block, slow down, or discriminate against lawful content.”

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Title II Classifications

Previously, the company has run into several allegations stating the throttling down of connectivity speeds for certain customers. Even a 2009 lawsuit accused the company of slowing down the upload speeds of Bit Torrent users.

Comcast® has stressed more on the importance of eliminating the Title II classification. Moreover, the company has declared that it will comply faithfully with the regulations that ensure “no blocking, no throttling, no anticompetitive paid prioritization, and full transparency.” However, the Title II classifications will provide the FCC full authority in enforcing the net neutrality rules. Comcast® officials believe that Title II regulations can hamper any innovation, but accept its importance in enabling an open and free internet as well.

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