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23 Jun

Comcast® Enhances Speed Of Its “Performance 25” Xfinity® Internet Tier In Washington

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Performance 25” Xfinity® Internet

Comcast Corporation®, which offers the best internet service in the country, has improved speeds of its “Performance 25” Xfinity® Internet tier at no additional cost for its existing customers in Washington. The doubling up of speeds in this major Internet tier will enable improved value and connectivity speeds in multiple devices for browsing the web. For the customers, this new addition to speeds on the “Performance Plus” tier will offer faster download speeds of about 55 Mbps, which will be accessible without any delay.

For accessing this renewed internet speed offering from Comcast®, customers only request to reset their modems. This can be done by unplugging the device from the outlet and switching it on again. Moreover, Comcast® will issue notifications to any of the customers that require upgrading their existing equipment. The company does not charge customers that currently have a modem for upgrading the equipment. Customers that have their own modem must either acquire a new one or rent it from Comcast® for accessing the improved internet speeds.

Amy Lynch, Regional Senior Vice President of Comcast® in Washington said, “We’re always looking for more ways to add value for our customers in Seattle and everyone else we serve in Washington. Today’s news, combined with our recent xFi launch, give our customers more speed, coverage, and control than ever before and really delivers a great overall internet experience in their homes.” Previously, Comcast® has made efforts in increasing the Internet speeds in Washington region.

Comcast® is one of the major internet providers in the Washington region, and they have made numerous efforts in enhancing the network operating in the area. This includes investment billions of dollars of investment in the Washington region for improving and upgrading the network to meet the ever-growing needs of the customers. Up until now, Comcast® has made about $1 billion investment in the Washington state for upgrading its existing networks as well as in installing new gigabit internet services for residential and business customers.

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Improved Internet Speeds

Moreover, the company has also launched its renewed WiFi experience dubbed the Xfinity® xFi in this month. This has been a boon to the customers as it enables them to personalize their home network by customizing its key parameters as well as in troubleshooting any issues in the connection.

The other key feature of Xfinity® Internet is that it provides the customer’s access to its 17 million Wi-Fi hotspots distributed nationwide. Combined with the latest increase in speeds, Comcast® is radically altering the internet connectivity experience for its customers in the Washington region.

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