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07 Apr

Comcast Hosts An Event To Discuss About Wireless Launch

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In a recent announcement, the officials from Comcast Corporation revealed that they are planning to conduct an event this week to shed more details into the emerging wireless service of the company. Officials from the company stated that they would host “an analyst event to discuss the details of its previously announced mobile initiative, which utilizes an existing MVNO agreement.”

The telecom company revealed their plans to launch a wireless service that combines the strengths of their MVNO deal with Verizon and vast Wi-Fi network back in the month of September. The executives of the company have been receiving a number of queries about this wireless plan at every single investor-related event, but they refused to share any details about the latest venture.

The officials from the company also confirmed that “senior members” of their leadership team would be appearing at the event. However, they didn’t reveal the name of the leaders. Still, reports indicate that Greg Butz, who is the senior VP of Comcast Mobile, would be attending the event.

The latest initiate from the telecom company is slated for a mid-2017 launch and it will operate primarily on Wi-Fi. However, it will also lean on the wireless network of Verizon whenever necessary. Comcast has not yet revealed the pricing details of their new service, but they hinted that the wireless offering would push customers toward bundling additional services.

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Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said, “The product itself is going to save you money by taking our bundle. We’re going to sell more products, not including wireless, but broadband, as a result of this offering.” However, he didn’t make it clear on how buying more services from the telecom company will allow customers to save money.

“We’re getting ready for a day when you have a smart music system, a smart refrigerator, smart devices and they all just work in their home,” Roberts added. “Hopefully, the bits per home continue to rise and the company with the best network, defined as wired and wireless, will have a real advantage.”

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