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24 Mar

Comcast Installs 600 New Outdoor WiFi Hotspots In Knoxville

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Comcast Corporation has announced that it has completed the installation of about 600 new Xfinity WiFi outdoor hotspots all over major areas in the Knoxville region. With this new development, the telecommunications giant has attained another significant milestone in making available internet connectivity to the public.

Comcast’s latest addition has resulted in the total number of WiFi hotspots in the area to reach about 50,000. This saturation of WiFi hotspots will facilitate fastest internet accessibility and penetration to the whole of the Knoxville region, making it the most connected city across the entire country.

The developments in setting up the WiFi hotspots around the region can be traced back to 2013, when Comcast initiated a massive substitution of their customer’s old routers with newer ones. The latest routers installed after the swap comes with capabilities like increased signal range that doubles its usage as public WiFi hotspots. This rapidly rising network of outdoor, home and business hotspots will allow Xfinity internet customers in accessing the best internet service easily.

The only requirement needed for accessing the hotspots is an Xfinity account. Using that, a customer can register any of his/her devices like smartphone, tablet, or laptop into the network. It will also keep the user registered, whether at a coffee shop or a bus stop, and provide the ability to browse the internet at no additional charges.

Comcast has also offered non-customers with two free sessions per month in accessing the internet through the hotspots. With these, such people can also access many of the hotspots across the country.

The major locations of Comcast’s outdoor hotspots include schools, hospitals, parks, colleges, shopping centers, and hotels. In the Knoxville region, the key local area access points are the Fort Sanders area, West Town shopping district, and Old City, among other locations.

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Xfinity Internet Customers

For Xfinity customers, accessing these Xfinity WiFi hotspots can be done through smartphones and laptops by choosing “xfinitywifi” option in the available network lists. In addition, the Xfinity WiFi app from Comcast will also enable the customers in easily locating the available outdoor and business hotspots near them.

Comcast Regional Vice President of Marketing, Vic Pascarelli said that, “From multi-gigabit speeds to widespread Wi-Fi, Knoxville is becoming an ultimate connected city. We will continue to make investments to keep our Knoxville customers ahead of the technology curve.”

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