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25 Aug

Comcast® Introduces New Sports Guide In Its X1 Platform

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New Sports Guide

Comcast® has made a completely new set of improvements to its Xfinity® X1 platform with several improvements to its sports guide. This latest upgrades in the platform come ahead of the NFL regular season games that will start soon.

The new sports guide will offer a renewed experience to the X1 set top boxes and the Xfinity® Stream app focused on mobile devices as well as web browsers. Along with its best internet packages, the introduction of these new upgrades will provide Comcast® subscribers the ability to view content based on the game, sports league, and score.

The newly presented sports guide has several improvements to its design such the introduction of landing pages focused on every prominent sport and leagues that include the NFL, baseball, soccer, tennis, cricket, etc. Comcast® has also brought a new voice feature that allows the users to access the guide by speaking specific commands into the X1 remote. Moreover, the inclusion of real-time score cards on the landing page of each sport will be much useful for sports enthusiasts to stay updated on their favorite game.

Comcast® has further announced numerous future improvements into the XI platform. The Telco has already started working on these new proposed upgrades that will offer the customers the ability to customize the type of sports, teams, and athletes, that are displayed on their guide menu. These increased customizations will further advance the X1 platforms to enable it to cater to the true demands of the users and in offering them personalized content.

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Xfinity® Stream App

Besides the X1 set-top boxes, Comcast® has also extended the new upgrades to its Xfinity® Stream app. The updated features in this app are sorted based on the league and the currently playing games. Moreover, it will also enable the users to get useful updates about all the upcoming game schedules and events much easier. The Stream app has also included a new outlook much similar to the renewed sports guide presented on the X1 set top boxes.

X1 is one of the most successful TV streaming services offered by Comcast® and has seen about 55 percent surge in the subscriber base in recent times. It is to be noted that Comcast® has also made several other additions to its services such as the introduction YouTube® app on the X1 platform and parental controls into its XFi system. All these services are bound to make Comcast® the best internet provider in the US.

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