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16 May

Comcast Is Also Planning To Offer Internet TV Service

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Internet TV Service

Internet TV packages and skinny bundles are now trending in the telecom business sector. More and more players are now starting to offer internet based television services. As the competition in the field of internet television is rising, Comcast is also planning to offer their own online video streaming service, and experts say that Comcast’s offering might be more appealing than what is already available in the market.

The internet based streaming TV service from Comcast is expected to be named Xfinity Instant TV, and it will include local channels, an unnamed premium channel offering, and DVR capabilities just for fifteen dollars per month. Matt Strauss who is the head of cable service of Comcast, said that the offer would be for the users of Comcast Home Internet service. He added that additional cable TV channels packages would be offered for extra charges.

“If you want to add on top of that, skinny packages like a sports and news pack or kids and family pack or a TV and entertainment pack, you’ll have the ability to do that,” Strauss said. The latest offering from Comcast is much like the Sling TV offering from Dish Network, or the DirecTV Now service of AT&T, and PlayStation Vue from Sony, although with a low starting price. However, the service will not be available across the entire country and not for those people who are not subscribers of the best internet service from Comcast.

“We are not focused on delivering a national over-the-top service,” Strauss said. “We’re very focused on delivering products and services within the markets that we serve today, like Chicago.” This move from Comcast is due to the result of many people dropping their cable services for other TV watching alternatives.

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Comcast and the other internet providers believe that internet TV services can help them attract the cord cutters and cord nevers as these services do not require a cable set top box or wired installation. Statistics shows that streaming television services has been filling the gap for those users who prefer to use services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

Comcast said that they have not suffered much from the cord-cutting trend, at least not yet. In fact, they said that they have managed to add 98,000 new cable TV customers in the last year. At the same time, they have also managed to add about 1.2 million residential internet users to their subscriber base.

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