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31 Mar

Comcast Launches Its Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service

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Xfinity Prepaid Internet

Comcast Corporation has commenced operations of its prepaid internet service according to the latest announcement made by the company. The service that has been under trial and testing for many years is now available to all Xfinity customers. With the launch of this new service, Comcast is also considering the release of a prepaid video product by the end of the year. The introduction of this new prepaid package will offer the customers in paying for the internet service and refill for seven to 30 days.

Comcast one of the major internet providers is also collaborating with Boost Mobile for the wide-scale distribution of its Xfinity Prepaid Internet packs. The company is achieving this distribution through more than 800 participating Boost Mobile stores located in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Through this, Xfinity Prepaid services are made available to approximately 4000 Boost Mobile stores that are covered across Comcast’s footprint by the year-end. In addition, the partnering company, Boost Mobile is also offering a $5 discount on Comcast’s prepaid internet products.

The Xfinity Prepaid Internet consists of a starter kit for customers priced at $80. This comes along with a wireless DOCSIS 3.0 gateway that enables internet providers to offer speeds of up to 10 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream. In addition, the customers can also refill the service for a price of $15 for 7 days and $45 for 30 days. The package never includes a credit check or annual contract and just requires customers to be 18 years or older for signing up.

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Comcast Xfinity Customers

Comcast conducted the trials and testing of these services in 2012 and this new announcement is a direct response to Verizon’s launch of its Fios Prepaid internet service. However, Comcast’s latest offering is focused mainly on customers without bank accounts or any other postpaid service. In addition, Comcast has also imposed several restrictions on the service like the inability for use on an address that has an active billed service account with the company. These policies are implemented mainly for preventing any misuse of its post-paid base.

John Dixon, VP of consumer services group at Comcast said, “This offering is all about providing customers a flexible and predictable service that can accommodate individual lifestyles and financial needs. Our prepaid service gives people more control over their monthly bills and lets families get easy Internet access for their home whenever they want it.”

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