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07 Aug

Comcast® Launches New Parental Control Features For Xfinity® xFi™ System

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Xfinity® XFi™ System

Comcast® recently announced that it has launched a set of new parental control features for its Xfinity® xFi™ system. The launch of this latest parental control features would allow parents to allocate various restrictions related to internet usage in homes. Moreover, this will enable them to monitor the activities of their children on the internet as well as prevent them from accessing any inappropriate sites.

Parental control is a must needed feature in all residences having access to an internet connection. The newly added parental control features include Timed Pause, Safer Search, and Notification Center.

The Timed Pause feature enables the parents to pause the internet connectivity in their homes for a certain duration such as an hour or more. The temporary halting of the internet and WiFi network in the home can act as a method of persuading the children in limiting the internet usage and spending more time on other activities such as playing, reading, etc.

The Safer Search feature includes several protective settings for use in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube. The Safer Search feature offers numerous restrictions to certain content that are deemed inappropriate for users under the age of 18. The inclusion of this new feature by Comcast® into its Xfinity® xFi™ system is a great alternative for the users than relying on third party applications, as such apps are ineffective in properly filtering the content and needs extra subscription fees.

The real time Notifications Center is another major feature in the newly launched parental controls by Comcast®. This feature issues notifications related to all kinds of activity on the WiFi network deployed in homes. Moreover, this is a helpful feature as it can provide alerts related to any breaches in the security of the network such as alternations in the network name or password.

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Safer Search Feature

It is to be noted that the Telco included some basic parental control options during the launch of the Xfinity® xFi™ system. This includes web monitoring and device schedules that can monitor and terminate the internet connection at a certain time. Comcast’s addition of these new features alongside its numerous best internet packages has further advanced the Xfinity® xFi™ system.

Currently, the new updates in parental controls are still in the process of being deployed across the entire network footprint of Comcast®. The system updates to the xFi™ are done via the cloud and are soon expected to be rolled out for the entire customer base.

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