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27 Mar

Comcast Offering High Speed Internet Service In Jacksonville

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Comcast’s Xfinity Gigabit is now offering faster internet services to residential customers in the Jacksonville region. This latest offering of high-speed internet services by Comcast comes ahead of the increasing competition in the Jacksonville area by many internet providers in offering faster service. Besides the Jacksonville market area, the services are also offered to the Duval County and many of the surrounding counties.

Xfinity Gigabit is priced at $139.95 per month for residential use and the base price excludes any package of other services like television. With the new 1 gigabit connection, there is a drastic increase of the internet speeds offered to the customers. This will allow residential customers using the Xfinity Gigabit experience much faster browsing and downloading speeds than with a conventional broadband internet connection. With such faster speeds, customers can download larger files like movies and music albums that measure in gigabyte sizes in a matter of minutes.

Vice President of public relations for Comcast in the Florida region, Mindy Kramer, has explained that although the new services are pricey, it is highly likely that charges will remain fixed. “It’s hard to say what happens in the future. If you look at pricing for broadband, speeds go up … then prices go down. This is the first time people can get gigabit speed over their existing network,” she said.

“And that’s the key development. Home consumers can get the new high-speed service over the existing fiber optic network currently running to their residence,” Kramer further stated. “Customers will need an upgraded modem, but that’s simply a replacement modem provided by Comcast and won’t require any additional fees on top of the $10-per-month charge for modem rentals.”

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Comcast Xfinity Gigabit

Jacksonville remains one of the few cities nationwide in which Comcast is offering the high-speed internet service. The new development by Comcast represents a major aspect in the evolution of internet services in the Jacksonville region. It comes as major carriers as Google Fiber has withdrawn their plans of offering high-speed fiber optic network to Jacksonville and numerous other cities.

This has prompted other telecommunications companies in the region to fight for being the fastest internet provider in the country and AT&T is gearing up for the game with their high-speed internet offers. Nevertheless, Kramer said that the increasing efforts by both Comcast and AT&T in the region will lead to many technological improvements in the region.

“I guess our position never changed,” Kramer said. “Our plan was always to continue to offer faster speeds. We didn’t step away from Jacksonville, we actually provided more.”

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