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31 Aug

Comcast® Offers Hundred Laptops To Seniors And Youth

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Grace Shannon, a senior in Detroit was surprised when she received an unexpected gift from her cable company. Six-time Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee handed her the gift, which was a brand new laptop. “Ew, wow!” the 67-year-old senior shouted when she received the new 14-inch Dell laptop.

The gift was offered in an Oprah-style surprise at the conclusion of Comcast’s announcement in which the Telco stated that they have expanded their program to provide low-cost and high-speed internet to the residents of the city who are at least sixty-two. The executives of the Philadelphia based cable internet provider said that they are planning to invest thousands of dollars to upgrade the digital infrastructure of the Joseph Walker-Williams Community Center, so that the seniors of the city will be able to use internet there too.

In their efforts to close the gap between people with internet access and those without access, Comcast® said that they would be providing eligible customers with high-speed internet service, together with training and support, for just $9.95 a month.

“It is fabulous that we will be able to get on the Internet and do things to help our grandchildren,” Shannon said. “But, not only that, we will be able to find things out about housing, taxes — and lots of other things we are missing out on.”

More and more seniors in the country are now digitally connected and about two-thirds make use of the internet. However, about half of the seniors nationally do not have access to a home broadband service, as per the results of the surveys from a Washington D.C. agency named Pew Research Center. Comcast Corporation® is also sponsoring the setup of a computer lab at the Boll Family YMCA in Detroit. They offered more computers equipped with virus protection, software, and a DVD payer and these computers are mainly intended for use by the youth.

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Joyner-Kersee, who was elected as the national spokeswoman for the program, encouraged the audience and asked them not to be intimidated by the latest technology. “We’re not too old to challenge ourselves,” she said. “Each and every one of us deserves the best quality of life. Having that quality of life, that digital divide should not — will not — divide us.”

Comcast Senior Vice President, David Cohen announced the surprise gifts at the end of the program and the room erupted in applause. “I had half-a-dozen seniors saying afterward, ‘Now I have to learn how to use it’. That’s exactly what the purpose is. That’s what this program is all about. We will connect.”

With their surprise gift program for the seniors, Comcast® has once again proved that they are one of the best internet providers of the country. Those residents who wish to sign up for the program by the fastest internet provider of the city can submit the form online or download the application and submit it via mail together with the documentation.

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