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13 Jul

Comcast® Partners With Assurant® In Offering Mobile Device Protection Plans

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Comcast® has entered into a new collaboration with Assurant®, a risk management solutions provider, for providing mobile device protection plan for its customers. This latest Xfinity® Mobile Protection Plan will offer the customers with repair and replacement of the devices in case of data loss or theft, accidental damage and other hardware issues.

With this new offering, Comcast® is seriously considering the upgrade of its mobile networks for better service and security. The company had begun its wireless offering Xfinity® Mobile lately with plans included a $65 unlimited package and a $12 per gigabyte option.

Numerous other internet providers and Telcos such as T-Mobile®, AT&T®, Verizon®, and Sprint® have already collaborated with Assurant® for providing device protection plans to their customers. Assurant’s mobile device protection plans offer complete assistance in case of any issue with the device while also providing a quick and comprehensive solution for resolving the problem.

The new device protection plan with Comcast® will consist of unlimited customer support, specialists’ guidance for solving various technical issues. This solution is not only limited to mobile phones though, but would be extended to a range of other devices as well such as TV’s, laptops, routers/modems, as well as home automation systems like thermostats, lights, and alarms.

Besides that, Comcast® customers are also made available access to the Assurant® app Pocket Geek that offers several self-diagnostic tools, security aspects, alerts, and troubleshooting advice. Moreover, customers can also access the Personal TechPro customer support specialists.

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Currently, iPhones users with an Xfinity® Mobile subscription get access to AppleCare Services. In addition, the Assurant® protection is also extended by Comcast® to serve on devices such as Samsung® Galaxy and Apple® iPhone for a price of $12 per month. Besides, the protection plans will also enable the customers to carry out an upgrade of their devices every twelve months without needing any early upgrading fees.

This offering comes along with its protection on damage, breakdowns, and loss that are not covered under the manufacturer warranty. Comcast’s decision to implement device protection on their customers comes ahead of the offerings made by other internet providers to their customers. Companies like Sprint® provide entry-level Assurant® protection of two tiers for a rate of $9 per month. Included with this is automatic data backup along with repair and replacement of the device.

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