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09 Aug

Comcast® Partners With FX Networks To Provide Ad-Free Service To Subscribers

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Comcast® has partnered with FX Networks to commence a new subscription service titled as FX+. This premium service is available for an additional cost of $5.99 per month for the subscribers of Xfinity® platform and includes ad-free access to all the currently airing TV series and other shows. The new service from Comcast® will be launched on September 5 and would be much different from the streaming apps rolled out by CBS and other major television networks.

This new collaboration with FX is a great way for the Xfinity® subscribers to access the quality programming offered that includes many of its well regarded TV series and shows. The FX+ paid service will offer about 1000 episodes from some of the most admired TV series such as Sons of Anarchy, Terriers, Damages, American Horror Story, etc. Also included in the FX+ service are FX channel and FXX, the sister network of the broadcaster, which will be made available on Comcast’s Xfinity® platform.

Previously, Comcast® released a simultaneous broadcast streaming service, AMC Premiere, which was available for just $4.99 per month. This streaming service also included the airing of commercial free episodes of numerous running series such as The Walking Dead. FX+ is the second streaming service offered by Comcast® that allows for an extension of the subscription for a basic cable channel.

John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions stated, “This is an exciting day for FX Networks because it represents the next step in building a consumer experience as good as our original programming brand. We have been diligent about recapturing the in-season stacking rights for all current original programming and recapturing the rights to all seasons of a large portion of our legacy of great original series.”

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Matt Strauss, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Video and Entertainment Services at Comcast® said, “FX has built a brand known for high-quality, award-winning original content, and we are pleased to partner with John Landgraf and the team at FX to offer premium experiences like FX+ to Xfinity® TV customers, and explore what it means to be a network in the future.”

The subscribers of the new FX+ service can access the contents through Xfinity® On Demand, Xfinity® Stream app, FX NOW, and the service website. FX+ will remain as an upgrade option for the subscribers of Xfinity® TV. Subscribers can easily upgrade to the FX+ service through the Xfinity® set top boxes as well as by visiting the website or calling the Xfinity® service.

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