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04 May

Comcast Rolls Out New Set Of Updates For Its X1 Platform

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Comcast Corporation, one of the best internet providers in the country, has announced a new bunch of enhancements for its X1 Entertainment Operating System. X1 is the company’s generation next guide software and hardware platform for set-top boxes and mobile devices. The new set of enhancements includes a smart keyboard designed in such a way to increase the typing speed for queries in the X1 search window. It comes with an added feature of predicting the next line of text depended on the input given by the user.

Currently, this feature remains a core aspect of the X1 platform, since its initial entry into the field as a lab project. According to Peter Nush, VP of product management at Comcast, “The smart keyboard acts very much like the way search in car GPS systems work.” Reports say that Comcast has also come up with a complete reorganization of the X1 purchases folder. This will aid users in finding the content more quickly and effectively.

The X1 saved menu features the new reorganized purchases folder, which is separated into three rows for content like movies, TV shows, and kids content. Along with that the TV episodes individually purchased is assembled by series. With the recently added landscape images for the X1 screensaver, the new update by Comcast allows subscribers to personalize the same by offering them the means to choose a rotation of animals or entertainment images.

Moreover, the new enhancements will further allow X1 customers to link the images stored on their Instagram, Facebook, or Flickr accounts for using it as the screensaver backdrop. The other major additions in the X1 platforms includes a power saver mode that operates without interfering with any of the important functions of the device like recording the shows or watching the recorded content through other devices in the home.

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Comcast X1 Platform

By saying, “power down” into the X1 voice remote, subscribers can activate this feature. The “go green” command in the voice remote will further give the subscribers with the option to alter the settings for powering down the box automatically after a specific amount of time.

In addition to these, the company has declared that it is considering an enhancement to the DVR feature, which enables the recording of the shows even if they begin early or end date. Comcast is stepping up more improvements in its X1 platform as seen by the previous launching of the Xfinity service as well as the current enhancements to the platform.

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