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14 Nov

Comcast® Still Struggling to Restore Services in Florida Keys

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Cable And Internet Outages

On the website of Comcast®, they invite you to become their customer and “change the way you experience TV.” The site also says that Comcast Xfinity® has the internet “speed you need to stream and more.” However, since the Hurricane Irma on September 10, many customers of Comcast® from Florida Keys have started complaining about the service.

The TV service from Comcast® has been horrible in the 2 months since the Category 4 hurricane pounded the chain of islands. As the cable from Comcast® kept going out, there has not been any speed “to stream and more.”

The electricity providers were down for a while, but they powered up quickly. The same was the case with AT&T® and BellSouth who are other providers of cable TV and cheap internet service in the Florida Keys.

Vice president of public relations for Comcast® Florida, Mindy Kramer said that the delay is “not for lack of personnel, effort, resources,” but because part of the system is broken and that crews have “been swarming the areas and doing the work.”

“We have pocket outages, one or two homes here, one or two homes there,” Kramer said. “We’ve got hundreds of personnel there responding to the pocket outages. It’s a microscopic approach. It is at the house-to-house level.”

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Struggling To Restore Services

In the initial stages of Comcast’s work, Kramer said, “We basically ran a tremendous amount of temporary lines to get people back in service as quick as possible. Now we’re taking temporary lines down to replace with permanent ones.” She says that a part of the problem is that “we continue to get some lines cut from trucks that go through.”

“It’s a conundrum,” Kramer added. “You restore the service, then you go back and see, even though the service is restored, there is a loose connection or there is a problem from the connection to the home. They are not network issues, they are individual issues.”

The consumers of Comcast® in Florida Keys are not satisfied with the way the Telco is handling the issues and they believe that the company was not prepared to face the Hurricane Irma. As more and more Comcast® customers are now complaining about the cable and internet outages, it is high time that Comcast® executives act promptly to resolve the connectivity issues in Florida Keys.

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