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26 Jul

Comcast® To Begin Its New ‘Internet Of Things’ Service In Detroit

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Internet Of Things Service

Comcast Corporation® has announced that it will commence its latest Internet of Things (IoT) service in Detroit in the coming months. Along with its best internet service, Comcast® intends to extend this new technology into 12 of the key markets in the country.

Known as machineQ, this service is mainly targeted for businesses and municipal organizations operating in the region as an efficient and cost effective means to collect, transmit, and analyze data obtained from internet-connected devices. Apart from Detroit, Comcast® intends to roll out its Internet of Things service in Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Miami, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Oakland, and Washington DC by 2018.

Comcast® has selected Detroit for deploying the service in view of the growing business sector in the region, huge market potential and existing communication infrastructure of the company. Alex Khorram, general manager of machineQ stated, “Detroit is one of our biggest networks. Before, (IoT) technology was prohibitive — cost too much, took too much power. Standardization is driving down cost and now that the technology is there, we can provide this network.”

Previously, Comcast® has commenced the research and development of the service as well as carried out trials in Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. The company used a low powered wireless IoT network via open radio frequencies for linking utilities such as parking meters, pipeline monitoring sensors and wireless devices. MachineQ is chiefly set up in Detroit’s central business district and will expand in the rest of the areas of the city by the first quarter of 2018.

Many internet providers have invested in developing and installing Internet of Things service across major parts of the country. This has been possible due to the advanced wireless internet connectivity and technology available in the cities. Comcast’s new IoT service will also benefit start-up companies in the region to develop innovations in the technology sector.

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Low Powered Wireless Iot Network

A startup company has tested the IoT network from Comcast® to identify and repair potholes in the roadways by deploying sensors to the vehicles. According to the company, “Using the service, organizations are empowered to use data taken from the physical world, learn from it, and make better-informed, data-based decisions to improve how they serve customers, tenants and citizens.”

The trial service will be made accessible to numerous businesses and organizations located in Detroit soon. During the trials, Comcast® intends to assess each of the markets for determining the availability of resources in the regions.

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