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12 May

Comcast Unveils New Home Wi-Fi Management System

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Comcast Corporation, perhaps the fastest internet provider in the United States, has launched its latest Wi-Fi management system for its nationwide users. This new system allows customers in effortlessly managing the devices and users in their Wi-Fi home network.

An improvement to the Xfinity xFi system was previously launched by the company, which allows a customer in having total control over their Wi-Fi network using a digital device. It offers several new features like setting up passwords, troubleshooting issues, pause Wi-Fi access, monitor the status of the connected devices, and manage parental controls. With this new improvement, Comcast is extending the experience of its best internet service by offering it to the customers at no extra costs.

According to the officials at Comcast, there is a growing demand for creating an efficient home Wi-Fi network management system for dealing with the surge of internet-connected devices like streaming services, smart thermostats, and security systems. The company has also estimated that by the year 2020, most users across the nation would have about 50 Wi-Fi connected devices in their homes.

Eric Schaefer, senior vice president of internet and communications services for Comcast Cable said, “The adoption and use of connected devices have grown dramatically and Comcast has created a solution that makes it easy to control and manage them. It’s a platform that will allow us to bring future innovations to our customers, address common pain points and vastly improve the way millions of people interact with their home Wi-Fi network.”

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During its xFi launch, the company has also rechristened its wireless gateway device to the xFi Wireless Gateway. In the future, the company is expected to introduce the new xFi Advanced Gateway for the customers in its fastest networks. This will enable gigabit data transfer speeds through Wi-Fi networks, Xfinity Voice, home automation, and security applications. The new and improved xFi App is available to the customers for download in both iOS and Android platforms.

Reports say that Comcast is also planning to unveil its latest adaptable xFi pods that require no configuration and will aid in extending the Wi-Fi coverage across the home. These xFi pods are developed in collaboration with Plume, a leading developer, and distributor of Wi-Fi software and systems in the US. By the end of 2017, Comcast is predicting an increase of about 15 million xFi-ready homes around the country.

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