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29 Apr

Cox Conglomerates: In Business For 119 Years And Counting

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Veterans at Cox Conglomerate

Cox has long been the finest conglomerate in America for 119 years. It seems that the company has made its most significant decision in three years. Replacing Ex-CEO John Dyer is Alex Taylor, who is the grandson of James Cox who founded Cox Enterprises in Ohio. This was following a recent announcement wherein Chairman Jim Kennedy told the press John Dyer is going to retire.

Veterans at Cox Conglomerate Takes all the Right Calls

“We have to act like one company rather than lots of them,” Taylor said. “I’m proud of the ability to bring those many markets together to operate as one company.”

“A lot of companies think quarter to quarter,” “We want to make sure that we optimize our operations, but never at the expense of the long-term health of the company.”

One has to be a long-timer at Cox to take important calls. Taylor has much experience working with Cox Automotive, Cox Communications and Cox Media Group. The company now has more than 60, 000 employees through earnings received on their cable and best internet service.

Kennedy Press Release Relieving Dyer and Announcing New CEO

Dyer had joined Cox in 2014 and brought together the company’s sub brands namely Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and Manheim. He had overseen plenty of challenges in his tenure, and took pivotal decisions on billion dollar mergers and acquisition. New CEO of Cox, Alex Taylor wrote a management book titled “The Longest Cast: The Fly-Fishing Journey of a Lifetime” on nonprofit management.

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Kennedy said in a press release, “It’s especially meaningful for me that a fourth-generation Cox family member will be leading the company my grandfather started in 1898.” “Alex has a deep understanding of our company and its culture. Cox has thrived in business because we believe in doing good and being a contributor to society,” he added.

The James Cox founded company has been serving TV, Cable and best internet service for 119 years. This is their second CEO change in three years. The Ex CEO is bound to handle a media firm in Atlanta from January 1 2018. The retiring veteran is going to take care of self-owned business.

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