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12 Jul

Cox® Plans To Introduce A New Unlimited Data Plan

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One of the fastest internet providers in the United States, Cox Communications® recently unveiled their plans to provide a new unlimited data offering to their customers by the end of the year. The officials from the telecom company also added that they are trying to broaden the reach of their usage-based data policy. However, Cox® has not yet announced the pricing details of their upcoming unlimited plan.

The telecom giant currently offers an optional unlimited plan to their subscribers for an additional amount of $50 per month. Cox® officials said that they would soon begin to alert customers in Louisiana, Arizona, Las Vegas, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City that they are putting them on the data plan of the company. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Cox® subscribers in New Orleans region have already been notified about this move.

Cox® subscribers who are added to this new data plan will have to pay just $10 for additional 50 Gigabytes of data after they exceed their monthly unlimited data. The monthly data ceiling is currently set at 1 TB by Cox® for most of their high-speed internet packages. However, the monthly data limit for subscribers who are Cox’s 1 Gig “Gigablast” tier is currently 2 TB.

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Cox Communications®, who is the best internet provider in several parts of the country, has already applied their data policy to the systems that are serving Georgia, Florida, Connecticut, Iowa, Omaha, and a few more markets. However, the officials from the telecom company refused to share any details on when will they apply the data policy to their remaining markets.

Cox® had recently stated that approximately 98 percent of their high-speed internet subscribers usually do not come close to exceeding their monthly internet data limits. Customers who exceed their monthly data limit are alerted by text messages, emails, and even through browsers. In addition to that, the telecom company also sends an automated outbound call to customers when they have used 85 percent and 100 percent of their monthly internet data plan.

Reports say that Cox® is also planning to offer a grace period of 2 consecutive bill cycles in Oklahoma, Las Vegas, Louisiana, and Arizona, before they start to charge customers for using additional blocks of internet data. This means that Cox® customers in other markets who exceed their monthly data limit should be a little bit concerned.

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