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01 Mar

Cox Raises Internet And Cable Prices

Internet Providers

Internet And Cable Prices

Lafayette-area residents have witnessed a significant increase in the price of their internet and cable service this year. Two of the most popular internet providers in the region, LUS Fiber and Cox Communications, recently announced a raise in the price of their cable and internet services.

In addition to that, the telecom giant, AT&T also increased the price of their Internet Basic service by $2 for a month. This situation has made it almost impossible for the Lafayette-area residents to subscribe to a cheap internet service.

In a recent announcement, Patricia Thompson, a Cox spokeswoman stated that the price of the basic cable package offered by the company to its customers will be increased by $4 a month. In addition to that, she also added that broadcast surcharges would be raised by $1, which means that the customers will now have to pay $4 per month for the service.

“Cox is required to pay hundreds of millions of dollars annually to TV networks, and those costs continue to rise,” Thompson said. “We also must pay local stations for their programming, which was previously broadcast for free. These rising wholesale costs drive up retail prices.”

She added, “The broadcast surcharge reflects a range of costs associated with the delivery of broadcast TV stations to our customers. These costs may include, but are not limited to, portions of re-transmission costs, network costs, copyright costs and others.”

Cox subscribers will also have to pay a new regional sports surcharge of $3.50. Thompson stated that these surcharges have become an industry standard that the telecom providers must pay to acquire the rights for carrying the local sports teams.

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Costs Continue To Rise

Thompson also added that the internet rates of Cox have also been increased from $2 to $5 based on the service level. However, she added that these hike in prices would not affect Cox customers who bundle their data package with other Cox services.

She also indicated that Cox Digital Telephone Essential subscribers would have to pay an extra dollar, if they want to receive their service, while the Telephone Premier customers of Cox will see a decline of $2 dollar in the pricing.

Thompson also said that Cox has invested millions for the infrastructure developments of the state and the internet provider has boosted the internet speed by 50 percent in the year 2016.

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