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06 Dec

Cricket Wireless Joins Hands With DirecTV Now

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One of the popular prepaid wireless service providers in the country, Cricket Wireless, has just launched the latest streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now. However, this decision from the prepaid wireless provider was expected, as AT&T currently owns the company.

AT&T hopes that the launch of DirecTV Now in Cricket Wireless will draw in more subscribers to the latest streaming service. Nevertheless, reports indicate that there will be a major difference on how DirecTV Now would work on Cricket Wireless and how it would on AT&T internet service.

Cricket Wireless will not be zero-rating the streaming of DirecTV Now. This means that customers will be charged for the service they use. However, AT&T had earlier announced that they would be zero-rating DirecTV Now on AT&T internet network.

Net neutrality supporters severally criticized this decision from the Telco, and AT&T is currently under FCC investigation due to this practice. Yet again, AT&T responded to this criticism by stating that their sponsored zero-rating program is a lot beneficial to subscribers and it is also available to all other third parties.

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Reports say that the promotional incentives, subscription plans, and pricing details offered are exactly the same on both Cricket Wireless and AT&T. But if you are customer, who is planning to stream DirecTV Now through Cricket Wireless, then it is wiser to opt for the “Unlimited” plan, as you will be charged for the data you use. The wireless provider also added that it is best to stream the contents of DirecTV Now over a Wi-Fi connection rather than using your data plan.

The Cricket Wi-Fi app in the Cricket Wireless is an exceptional tool, which helps you to easily discover the Wi-Fi hotspots around your location. Cricket Wireless has also decided to offer the “Go Big” package from DirecTV Now at just $35 a month for a limited period. The normal price customers have to pay for this package after the expiry of limited period is $60 per month.

Four packages are being offered by DirecTV Now to subscribers at present. The basic package offered by the streaming service offers approximately 60 popular channels at an affordable price of $35 per month. The most expensive package from DirecTV costs $70 a month, but it does offer 120 popular channels to subscribers.

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