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25 Aug

Customers Already Love The New Cox® Contour

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Latest Cox® Contour

You can’t simply deny the fact that electronic entertainment has significantly evolved over the years. Viewers who were once restricted to boxy black-and-white TVs with antennas and just a handful of channels have now gained access to an abundant number of channels. In addition to that, they are also able to watch anything they want at anytime with the help of a voice control.

The latest Cox® Contour from one of the leading internet providers in the country, Cox Communications® is aimed to improve the viewing experience of their customers. Reports indicate that Cox’s new Contour is a fast, fun, and simple way that enables customers to search and access their entertainment choices on the go or at home on any device of their choice.

Cox Communications® has been offering reliable and efficient internet, digital telephone, and TV services to both business and residential customers for a very long time. They have also put in extra efforts to boost the viewing experience of their viewers and the new Contour is actually a part of their efforts.

The officials from the telecom company believe that the highly intuitive second generation Contour is easily adaptable to the personal needs of customers. They also claim that it facilitates effortless and quick access to movies and shows for up to five separate users in a house.

In addition to that, the new Contour app also lets customers to transform their computer, smartphone, or tablet into a personal TV screen to watch on-demand content or stream live TV when they are connected to the in-home Cox® Wi-Fi network.

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The marketing vice president for Cox Communications®, Suzanne Schlundt said, “Controlling your TV has never been easier, faster, or more convenient. Just say it and see it.” She added, “Voice Remote continues to be the feature that ‘wows’ new Contour customers. Most new customers say that Voice Remote exceeds their expectations. It makes the new Contour easy to use and easy to search.”

Ricardo Cuevas, a customer who uses the smart search function of Cox® Contour said, “Being able to search for my favorite teams and having all upcoming games show up is such a great feature. I like that I don’t have to be searching through hundreds of channels to watch soccer games.”

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