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29 Nov

DirecTV Now Launches Tomorrow With 120 Plus Channels

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DirecTV Now Launch

AT&T purchased DirecTV a year ago, and they are now launching a full-fledged online TV service to take on services like Sling TV from Dish Network. The service is called DirecTV Now, and will be launched on November 30 in the US. The service offers many fancifully named packages that are pulled from the existing content of DirecTV. The packages details are shared below:

Live a Little – This package costs thirty-five dollars a month, and offers 60+ channels.

Just Right – The cost of this package is fifty dollar a month, and it offers 80+ channels.

Go Big – Package costs sixty dollars a month, and offers 100+ channels

Gotta Have It – Cost of the package is seventy dollars a month, and it offers 120+ channels.

HBO and Cinemax – Subscribers need to pay an extra five dollars for each of the channels.

As a part of the launch deal, AT&T is offering their highest channel package for thirty-five dollars a month, and the time is not specified for the expiry of subscription charge. As per the reports of Verge, the price of thirty-five dollars will remain intact until a subscriber cancels the subscription. AT&T is also offering a seven-day free trial and a number of prepaid offers for various devices with their DirecTV Now launch.

DirecTV Packages

Gotta Have It

Nonetheless, the channel lineup of the packages is not yet reveled. The website for DirecTV Now service is not yet live either, and this is also one of the reasons for no details on the channels lineup.

Reports say that some of the major networks like ESPN, Disney, Discovery, AMC, Univision, and many more are included in the DirecTV Now service, though AT&T is still negotiating with Showtime and CBS. DVR functionality is also not offered yet, but it is rumored that DVR functionality will be introduced some time.

DirecTV Now service will be available on Apple TV, iOS devices, Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, PC, Chromecast, and Mac devices to start. It seems that the service is not available on Android TV even though Google Cast enabled Vizio and LeEco TV will apparently have access to the DirecTV Now services. It is also reported that Amazon Fire tablets, Samsung Smart televisions, and more will follow in the coming year.

“We’re extending our entertainment portfolio for those who value premium content but also want more TV freedom suited for their lifestyle, whether watching at home or on their mobile devices,” said John Stankey, CEO for AT&T Entertainment Group. “This is TV your way.”

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